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OK State Rep Mike Ritze to Persuade Sen. Inhofe to Challenge Obama

Submitted by Phil on Wed, Dec 24, 2008

OK State Rep Mike Ritze to Persuade Sen. Inhofe to Challenge Obama

Oklahoma State Representative Mike Ritze — the same State Representative who brought forward a bill to have the State validate candidate eligibility — is now seeking to persuade OK Senator James Inhofe to challenge the Electoral College vote certification in Congress.

According to InvestigatingObama:

Related yesterday evening by FReeper, BonRad, below is an email sent by Plains Radio, early Tuesday morning (emphasis by I.O.): …

Last night, Plains Radio made history. We had for the first time one of them to join us. Them? That would be Rep. Mike Ritze of the Oklahoma State house. Dr. Mike will now take our cause to the Senators and Congressman from Oklahoma. He will try and persuade Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma to stand up and challenge Obama Election. …

The email goes on to say that on Friday, 12/26, they are scheduled to interview Obama outistcorrespondent for Pravda’s Web publication (yes, Pravda). The only journalist that I.O. knows of who is reporting about Obama’s ineligibility is Mark S. McGrew and it turns out McGrew was interviewed by Ed Hale of Plains Radio on Monday, 12/22, as well. Also, Stephen Pidgeon, attorney for Obama challengers in Washington state.

I see this as a reasonable path to take. After all, it would be significantly harder to get at least 1 US Senator to challenge the Electoral College vote certification than it would be a Representative (for the reason that Senators are significantly more powerful than any one Representative; they represent an entire State of voters as opposed to merely a district). Also, Sen. Inhofe has done a great job of sticking up for common-sense initiatives for the great State of Oklahoma.

Update: InvestigatingObama continues reporting:

In the Monday interview described [above], Dr. Mike Ritze, Oklahoma State Representative states that he is contacting OK Senators James Inhofe (R) and Tom Coburn (R), asking that they challenge the congressional certification of Barack Obama’s election, based upon his not being a natural born Citizen according to the actual definition of that criterion. Rep. Ritze also describes his proposed state legislation to reform election law in that state, including the constitutional definition of natural born Citizen. Alabama’s U.S. Senator, Jeff Sessions was also mentioned.

A current listing of eligibility lawsuits can be found here.

State-based initiatives for electoral reform can be found here.

Source: The Right Side of Life