Friday, January 30, 2009

So Far Not A Single Obama II Eligibility Case Has Been Heard On The Merits

[Dr. Orly Taitz hits a brick wall in Texas State Court, yet finds light at the end of the tunnel.]

January 22, 2009

Texas Judge, Burt Carnes, allowed me to represent Jody Brockhausen against the Secretary of State of TX. He signed my application to represent her Pro Hac Vice (out of state attorney), yet his decision was that he had no jurisdiction to hear the case in the State Court.

He looked like his mind was made up even before the hearing. He asked the Assistant Attorney General how much time she needed. She stated 15-20 minutes. His response was that he only needed 3 minutes. He didn't even ask the plaintiff if she needed any time. When I protested, he was not willing to let me talk.

When I asked him to allow me to represent her pro hac vice, pro bono since I had made an effort of flying and driving from CA all night long, he stated that he didn't sign pro hac vice applications. When I stated that nothing was preventing him from signing it now, he reluctantly agreed.

I stated that the examples given by the Attorney General related to the Federal Courts and issues prior to Obama's election. That to the best of my knowledge, there is nothing in Texas law, or precedents that would prevent a Citizen from having standing to seek verification of the eligibility and legitimacy of the sitting President.

Judge Carnes provided no response, stated that there is no jurisdiction, and told us to go. We certainly did go. We went straight to the U.S. Attorney's office and filed a criminal complaint. My client's civil rights under the 1st, 9th, 10th and 14th amendments had been violated.

If there is no jurisdiction in Federal or State courts, then Citizens have had their civil rights taken away from them de facto, and have been reduced to the level of slaves.

A group of patriots and I had a meeting with Assistant U.S. Attorney, Chris Peele, and the Chief U.S. Attorney for the North-Western District of Texas for Criminal Matters, Richard Durbin. Mr. Durbin agreed to hear the matter and asked for our paperwork. We were shocked to find out how little they knew about the Obama eligibility cases.

Mr. Peele told us that he was under the impression that the case had been heard on the merits. Neither of them had a clue that not one single Obama eligibility case was ever heard on the merits; that not one judicial subpoena was ever issued; and that no one has ever examined Barack Obama's original birth certificate.

We are currently coordinating personal meetings between groups of volunteers and Chief U.S. Attorney's for Criminal Matters in each and every District of the United States. Ken Burr and George Lewis will be in charge of this project.

email: Ken Burr at for more information.

by: Orly Taitz, Attorney

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