Thursday, May 7, 2009

Today's Right-Wing Tweets

There were a lot of interesting articles today from the right-side blogosphere:

"The Victory for Gun Rights That Nobody Heard About"

Making Free Speech a Hate Crime via: American Daughter btw-It's Unconstitutional

Behold, the "Keep Terrorists Out Of America Act" via: America's Right

Obama – Lord of War <-Where is the liberal outrage

States Formally Declare: Don’t Tread On Us!

UK:Guardian Report: "FBI slow to update terror watchlist"

Government Steals Land for 911 Islamic Crescent Memorial: It keeps getting worse... <-WT?

Obama's Gitmo Mess <-Poor Judgment

Punishment for Hirabah #TCOT #TORTURE #obama #Qur'an

Report: FBI slow to update terror watchlist

Islam Day Declared in Hawaii ...Alohaaaallahawaqbar?

"Western intelligence services regard the Obama administration with contempt" -

Obama probably never heard of Ngo Dinh Diem but I remember the arrogant little Vietnamese dweeb: