Sunday, July 26, 2009

According to CNN, these documents do not exist

According to researchers at CNN, who recently rebuked Lou Dobb's for his objective reporting on the Obama Natural Born Citizen controversy, it is impossible for Obama to obtain a long-form copy of his birth certificate. According to CNN, the State of Hawaii (allegedly) destroyed all long-form birth certificates from its vaults eight years ago, including Obama's (in violation of State law).

Thus, neither of the three documents below exist. You see them with your own eyes, but they could not possibly exist, according to CNN.

So is the issue that long-form birth certificates no longer exist in Hawaii, or that one just doesn't exist for Barack Hussein Obama? I encourage all Hawaiian born citizens to post copies of your long-form birth certificates online and provide me with the links.

Why is CNN's president covering for Obama instead of reporting the facts? See the memo Lou Dobbs received from CNN/US President Jon Klein at: CNN Pushing Hard to Overlook Eligibility; SPLC: “Remove Mr. Dobbs”.

An on air debate insued over H.R. 1503, a Bill which would require presidential candidates to provide a birth certificate and other documents to prove their eligibility to occupy the Oval Office. You can find the debate at: Hawaii discarded Obama birth certificate?, Lou Dobbs, CNN, July 23, 2009, Dobbs wants Obama to produce birth certificate.

Hmmm. I wonder what the brilliant minds at CNN have to say about the other documents Obama has been hiding from public view? Have these also been destroyed?

[List Of Records Obama Refuses To Release]

[Update: 7/26/09]

Steve Cee decided to confirm if Klein's statement were factual and sent a series of emails to the State of Hawaii -- here are their replies, that contains facts that lay lie to Klein's assertions.

Hawaii's initial response to Steve's request for a copy of a long-form birth certificate was the standard crap we've been hearing for several months now, that "We issue only a computer-generated copy of the certificate, with limited information.

"Unsatisfied, the tenacious Steve decided to to inquire further and dig deeper. Identifying himself as a genealogist, Steve specifically asked, "What does a person do in order satisfy (sic) a Long form or Vault requirement? Prompting the State of Hawaii’s second, and more detailed, reply, that provides the process necessary to obtain a copy of a vault-copy Certificate of Birth.

"The only records that can be photo-copied are those with diacritical marks which cannot be printed by computer. Otherwise, it would require an order signed by a judge specifying what record was needed...

"In every single statement coming out of Hawaii, the words are carefully chosen and structured, but this one clearly says, if you got a judge, we got the document.


Updates 7/27/09:

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All the lies of the MSM have only added fuel to the fire. The cat is out of the bag.